Assistance with:
  • Customs Law No. 3489
  • Import Tax
  • Export Tax
  • Foreign CurrencyTransfer
  • Specific laws for Free-Trade Zones
  • Other laws may apply
  • Responsabilities of the Shipper
  • Responsabilities of the Consignee
  • Responsabilites of the Notify Party
  • Customs procedures
  • Cross-Border Debt Collection
  • Forfaiting and Factoring Contracts
  • Any litigation that may arise from the import & export of goods & services to and from the Dominican Republic
As a developing country Dominican Republic is highly depending on the importation of goods and services to the country, the transfer of technology and the balance of foreign currency reserves by exportations. The fast economical development in recent years has been reflected by a complex system of laws and regulations in the area of imports and exports and the law firm Hoepelman & Rivera has placed special emphasis in dealing with the legal and financial issues in this area.
Applicable Laws and Regulations