Environmental legislation is of growing importance in the world (for example: Kyoto Protocol) and specially in the Dominican Republic: the law 64-00 on environmental protection, administrative resolutions of the Ministry for Environment on protected areas & ecological impact of projects and the introduction of audits on ISO 14000 / 14001 are only some examples.

Hoepelman & Rivera has built and is extending its network with specialists in the field of environmental protection to provide its clients not only with legal advise but also with practical expertise to comply with the regulations in this complex area:

  • International Legislation on environmental protection including alternative energy, waste management etc.
  • International legislation on emission control and hazardous material.
  • Analysis of potential environmental problems in business environments and production procedures of clients' business entities in Dominican Republic.
  • Litigations regarding environmental legislation of Dominican Republic and its applicability.
  • Comparative studies of norms, laws and regulations in environmental protection.