The Dominican Republic encourages foreign investment as joint venture operations with Dominican partners or as 100% foreign owned enterprises. The legal framework consists of the Foreign Investment Law (Law 16-95), the Free Trade Zones and various initiatives for specific industries (i.e. tourism etc.).The areas open for foreign investment include manufacturing industries, energy based industries, tourism industries, mineral resource based industries, agro-based industries and service industries.

The law firm Hoepelman & Rivera assists its foreign clients in the search for a Dominican partner as well as in the evaluation and preparation of the legal procedures required.

Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer is defined as any transfer of technology to be made under an agreement between an industry and a foreign investor on the following matters:
  • Use of any technological right, specialization, formula, process, patent or technical know how of foreign origin.
  • Use of any trademark of foreign ownership.
  • Acquiring any foreign technical, consultancy, management and marketing service.