The law firm Hoepelman & Rivera has a profound knowledge and experience with the area of Civil Law of Dominican Republic, including but not limited to the Cvil Code, the Civil Procedures Code and a variety of specialized laws.

This expertise comprises the elaboration of legal documents, the required registration as well as the mediation and litigation on civil matters and also includes all civil acts that have a connection with International Private Law or that are at least partially ruled under foreign laws and jurisdiction.

The special focus of the law firm is on the following areas:
  1. Renting and purchase contracts on apartments, houses and land for Dominicans and foreigners
  2. Torts and other civil liabilities
  3. Bi-national family law (marriage, divorce, child custody) and law of succession
  4. Consumer Protection
  5. Labor & Employee Contracts (Hiring & Layoff)
  6. Debt collection procedures against non-commercial foreign and/or Dominican debtors
  7. Any other legal contract that creates obligations of at least one party in Dominican Republic
Through its network of associated lawyers the law firm Hoepelman & Rivera can perform and guarantee a high level of professionalism also in specialized areas of civil law.